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A local nail studio that wanted to dominate the market! The owner has a big heart for what she does! Thanks to our help, she gained a new clientele and became recognizable on the local market.


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What was the

Challenge & Solution?

There is an uncommon task ahead of us: to become a recognizable brand on a small scale. In addition, the budget was important. In addition, we were to suggest something that would attract new people to the company. The simplest solutions are sometimes the best! We proposed a nice one and a pink one page. The site contained a brief description of the owner, a price list and what was the most important in the world of beauty: a beautiful portfolio of works and recommendations of pregnant women.



At the beginning I was afraid of cooperation with a marketing agency. I was terrified of costs, and I doubted the meaning of such cooperation. Today I know that it was a very good investment which I turned to profitably!


Thoughtful solutions

In addition to the aforementioned website, we have used three additional solutions. The first of them are advertising banners hung around the studio. The second thing is gift vouchers that were given out under various circumstances and … as a prize in facebook competition! Due to the budget constraint, we narrowed the target group to a small amount. It was a hit! Our client was forced to hire additional staff!

The third solution was business cards with a place for a stamp. Collecting stamps gave 10 maniciure for free! The customers also recommended the salon to their friends.

Very quickly we had to order printing of additional business cards.


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