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It is a modern organization offering entrepreneurs services in a wide range of research required by applicable labor law and environmental protection regulations. The accredited “ENVILAB-EKO” work environment laboratory is equipped with the highest quality modern measuring equipment and the friendly procedures meet the expectations of the most demanding companies, including many international corporations.


  • Konsorcjum Energetyczne


  • Web design
  • UI/UX
  • Website Bulding
  • Company Blog
  • Google Ads


  • 32 Pages
  • Illustrations
  • Content
  • Icons
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • SEO
  • Analitycs
  • Social Media
  • Advertising Billboards

What was the

Challenge & Solution?

The founders were keen on refreshing the outdated appearance of their company. They commissioned us to design a completely new logo and visual identification of their company. In addition, we were commissioned to create a website that will be modern and intuitive for the client. All this was done by marketing activities.
We have offered customers a complete different from the standards look, to stand out from the other labor laboratories in Poland. In addition, with great care, we have prepared brand and identification materials for employees. We have also created a fast and responsive website which was great prepared for people who came to the site with ads or seo activities and a company blog. The company’s blog played an important role because it educated clients and answered their frequently asked questions.

What was the

Logotype Concept

We started our work from creating the logotype concept. We put on a full palette of colors contained in the rosette. The whole logo was enclosed in a hexagon, which is to symbolize the elements. To indicate the roots with Poland, the upper part of the logo symbolizes the coast and the Hel Peninsula. The top of the logotype also has a second meaning as two hands covering a human which means that “Envliab” cares for people. A colored rosette was placed on the logotype sign. Printed materials have an additional accent, which was created from a colored strip placed at the bottom of the materials.


Useful Website

The next step is building a website. As the leitmotif we used a color from the logo and an accent in the form of a colored bar. The site is heavily expanded, as it includes 20 subpages both with services and the description of the company itself. We complemented the site with our own icons and industry graphics. The whole was complemented by substantive text SEO which has two functions: customer education and website positioning. We kept User Experience pages and optimized for Google search engine.


External Advertisement

We have designed both large-format advertising banners and posters for bus shelters. Thanks to the minimalist form and catchy slogans, we caught the eye of the recipients. In addition, we used the rosette motif and colored logotype to make the advertisement memorable and associated with Envilab. For employees, we have prepared identifiers with a photo inscribed in a hexagon and colorful business cards with a soft touch technology to enhance the receipt of business cards.


The Advertising Process

We have carefully planned campaigns to accustom current customers to change the image of Envilab and acquire new customers. Thanks to these activities, the company has not lost the trust of existing contractors and has opened itself to the vigorous acquisition of new business partners.

Current Customers

We have planned a meeting for key clients of the company explaining the meaning of the rebranding. For other contractors, we sent out e-mails and letters explaining the situation and ensured in them that the company’s previous standards were maintained.

Market Research

In order to further develop the company, we did a market search to find an additional niche in which our client could provide his services. Also, thanks to this we have searched for keywords for advertising campaigns and SEO activities.

User Testing

Before submitting the ready website, our test department examined the functionality of the entire system, and in addition to the conversion, we carried out A/B tests. Later, we conducted a satisfaction survey among website visitors and adapted to the amendments resulting from the survey.

New Clients

Due to the nature of the market, we focused mainly on Google advertising activities. Locally, we placed advertising banners. We also used the affiliation program, thanks to which the company gained a large group of new clients.



Our actions led to easily measured conclusions. Thanks to analytical programs and remarketing activities, we have obtained satisfying results.
  • Conversion Rate + 90%
  • Return Users + 77%
  • Social Following + 85%
  • Sold Apartments 100%


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